Pocket Diary

18th March 2011

"Kolkata is definitely lagging behind. Although the politicians will differ in their opinion with me. But that doesn't matter anymore. Right now the entire state is burning. Like what? I don't know, you say. May be like hot 'jalebis'. Promises are flying in the air, like dust particles. Now please don't tell me to explain the relation between these two. I am not good at explanations.
Anyways, back to Kolkata, as didi & dadu (mamata banerjee & pranab mukherjee) are busy discussing, how to mold their chains of diversity of political personality so as to get together to fight the red kolkatans (felt front). On the other side  the red brigade is with full of confusion with lots of  dadus with white hair running around saying, 'what to do, what to do'. Sometimes I feel like the west bengal state is like a gaming console, but unfortunately both the gamers and the players are confused." 

19th March 2011

"The day of colour. We call it as 'dol jatra or 'dol purnima'.
What comes first when the word, holi comes in our mind? For me its my childhood memories. I use to complete my lessons as early as possible, then get dressed in some old clothes, prepare a bucket full of colour water, and then use to hide out and wait somewhere around the trees by the street. And then, as soon as someone pass, I used to spray the colour or throw water balls filled with colour water and run back as quickly as possible. And now I just think of those days and smile."