Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jumbo Breakfast

as told by anupam sen

"Fried Chicken Momo, Fish Momo, Pork Pao, Pork Spring Roll, Chicken Drum Stick, Beef Kima and Paratha, Irani Tea ..... what else do you need as breakfast??? and that too within 100 bucks. awesome. It was real fun !!!"

Early morning of January, four friends as decided last night on facebook gathered at anupam's place to go to teretta bazar, better known as old china town, in kolkata. The place is probably the oldest for chinese residence in this state, and also the only place to taste the most cheapest chinese breakfast. Food like momo, pork pao, pork spring roll, chicken drum stick and so on are available at a very convenient rate. But make sure you reach there as early as possible, cause these things are sold like hot 'kachoris' everyday, and its quite popular among the daily passerby. The best time to reach there is before 9am in the morning. 

Location: The exact place to find this amazing food items is at teretta bazar, near bentinck street, just behind poddar court (see map).

Chicken Drum Stick & Pork Spring Roll 

Pork Pao

Fish Momo

After having all those delicious foods as their breakfast, its time to have some tea, thats too iranian tea. Leaving behind teretta bazar, if we move towards m.g road by taking rabindra sarani, after 5 minutes of walking, there comes the biggest mosque in kolkata, the nakhoda mosque, and just opposite to that is the oldest 'aminia' of the city. There a cup of iranian tea is just what a perfect finish is all about. But anupam & co. didn't stop there. They tried 'lacha paratha' with 'beef keema'. On asking how was it, I didn't got any answer though, just an expression, which clearly means he could still feel the taste. Which in other words, means their aminian journey was too, amazing.

Nakhoda Mosque

Iranian Tea

Lacha Paratha

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