1. How can I be in touch with the administrator of this blog?
    If you want to be in touch with me then you can email me at

2. I too want to write in this blog, how can I do that?
    If you want to write in this blog then send me your writing at the above email address.
    Please note that your writing must be original. Secondly it must be on Kolkata.
3. I have some queries, where shall I send them?
    Mail all your queries at

4. What exactly can I write?
    You may right anything. From a poem to a story, from places of interest to the most strangest place.
    But do remember, your topic must relate kolkata.

5. My hobby is photography, can I share my photos on this blog?
    Yes. Try to include a little details regarding the photograph. Or may be an article based on that photo.
6. What the 'Pocket Diary' is all about ?
     Pocket Diary is just a daily journal of the author/administrator of this blog.
     You may/may not find it interesting as it is a flow of personal perception of the author.

7. There are lots of topics, how can I find them in a systematic manner?
     Go to the 'index' page. All the posts are listed in  chapter wise manner.
     Click on the name of the chapter to visit the post directly.

 8. My question is not in this list of FAQ. What shall I do now?
     Mail your question(s) to sourav.gmjns@gmail.com